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Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions

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Smathi is a start-up that aims to make its users' lives easier and more efficient by providing smart devices that save them time and money. Smathi devices can be installed in homes, offices or open spaces, while the user can access them from any modern mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or computer. Access is easy via a local area network (wired or wireless) or via the Internet using Cloud service.

Smathi devices allow the user to remotely manage other electronic or electrical devices such as water heaters, electrical panels, wall sockets, lighting, garage doors, air conditioners, central heating, TVs, stereo systems, etc. The status of these managed devices can be monitored and updated in real time from anywhere in the world with minimal data usage. In addition, Smathi devices can communicate with each other, even if they are not connected to the same local area network, allowing the user to make their own operating scenarios according to their personal needs.